Apple’s Self Service Repair Program might be the end to error messages after repairs

Everyone may be familiar with Apple’s strict repair policy, as replacing third-party spare parts can restrict several features. In addition, several error messages are displayed after every boot, and a notification is permanently displayed in the settings as well as in the notifications.

Even if the repair is done with Apple’s original parts, the error message remains in the notification panel and the settings. To explain in detail, if the display is replaced with third-party/OEM original parts, the Face ID and True Tone features are disabled. Similarly, if the battery is replaced, the battery health and battery stats are disabled with the error message in settings and the notification panel.


Several prominent Youtubers who work on repairing smartphones have made several videos about this issue. A famous YouTuber named “Hugh Jeffrey” has replaced parts from two iPhones of the same model and variant. After the boot, he was greeted with several error messages about Display, Face ID, and Battery.

Information about Apple’s Self Service Repair Program

Several complaints from the user and the inability to repair the device even using the OEM parts have gotten Apple’s attention. In addition, Apple charges hefty prices to repair the device, and most of the customers opt for third-party repair centers.

Considering everything, Apple has announced Apple’s Self Service Repair Program, where the customers have access to Apple’s genuine parts and tools. Apple wants to implement this policy starting from iPhone 12 and 13 lineups; soon, users will also have access to parts of Macs featuring M1 chips.

As of now, Apple allows only access to iPhone display, battery, and camera. Along with the spare parts, the users will be provided with a Repair Manual. Apple recommends reading the repair manual before attempting a repair and advises using Apple’s original tools.

Apple is on its way to opening a new store where the users have access to 200 individual parts and tools where the customer can perform basic repair operations on iPhone 12 and 13.

Apple has taken another decision to reduce the E-waste by giving credits on the purchase if the customer returns their used part for recycling. Apple also added that this program is only for individuals who have knowledge and experience repairing electronic devices. In addition, Apple has advised getting their product repaired from certified technicians who use original and genuine Apple parts.

Apple’s approach to providing access to genuine Apple parts for repairs with Apple’s Self Repair Program is a great approach. This program would be handy for those willing to go for an affordable approach as repair at Apple’s service centers is very hefty.

With the use of original OEM parts, iPhone users will no longer be greeted with error messages. The implementation of providing credits on the purchase when replacing the old parts is a step towards better E-waste management.    

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