Converting PowerShell Scripts to Executable Files with PS2EXE


For automating processes and optimizing workflows, PowerShell scripts can be quite helpful. For easier distribution or to prohibit someone from reading or changing the source code, you might occasionally need to turn your PowerShell script into an executable file (.exe). PS2EXE can be used in this situation.


PS2EXE is a program that transforms PowerShell scripts into executable files, and it may be downloaded from the PowerShell Gallery. It is a valuable tool for anyone looking to distribute their PowerShell scripts or simply keep their source code protected. By converting your scripts into executable files, you can ensure that your code is protected and easily shareable.

Run the following command using your PowerShell script as the input file and the executable it produces as the output file to use PS2EXE:

PS2EXE.ps1 -InputFile c:\PowerShellScript.ps1 -OutputFile C:\PowerShellConverted.exe

This will create an executable file in the specified location that can be easily shared and run on other computers, without the need for PowerShell to be installed. The resulting executable file will contain the entire script, including any dependencies, and will run as a standalone application.

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