Exploring the Pros and Cons of Using AirTags and Similar Tracking Devices

Apple’s coin-sized AirTags may be attached to practically anything, including keys, wallets, and purses. Using the “Find My” app on an iOS device or a Mac computer, users can keep tabs on the whereabouts of their lost items.


Convenience: If you’ve misplaced something, AirTags will help you track it down quickly. Using the “Find My” app is as easy as selecting the AirTag you’re trying to find. The item’s whereabouts will be displayed on a map and directions will be provided by the app.

Peace of mind: AirTags provide a sense of security, knowing that personal items can be easily located if misplaced.

Durable: AirTags are designed to be durable and withstand everyday wear and tear.

Customizable: AirTags can be engraved with custom text or a design, making it easy to identify and personalize your belongings.

Privacy: The privacy of users is a primary concern in the creation of AirTags. They exchange location data with other Apple devices using Bluetooth, and all communications between the devices are secured using end-to-end encryption.


Limited compatibility: The “Find My” app on an iOS device is required for AirTags to function. This rules out their use on any device that isn’t an Apple product, including Android.

Battery life: The battery in an AirTag can last for about a year before it needs to be replaced. Some users may find this inconvenient.

Cost: AirTags are a relatively expensive item, with a price of $29 for one, $99 for four.

Privacy concerns: Some consumers may be wary of using AirTags because of the possibility of being tracked by third parties, despite the fact that they contain privacy features.

Lost AirTags: Those who have the Find My app on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac can locate a misplaced AirTag. This implies that anyone in range of an AirTag may find it, not only its owner.

There are other devices with similar functionality to AirTags, such as Tile and Samsung’s SmartThings, but they are compatible with a larger variety of hardware and software than AirTags. Yet, like any technology, there are benefits and drawbacks to using these gadgets.

AirTags and related devices provide a handy means of tracking lost property, but they have several drawbacks. The devices aren’t universally compatible and could not function properly with your other gadgets. They are expensive and raise privacy issues. Even though the gadgets are built to last, the batteries have a finite life and will need to be swapped out at regular intervals.

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