Meta Watch Image surface online, here is everything you need to know

Everyone may now be familiar with changing the parent company name from Facebook to Meta. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has shared his thoughts about the changes he wishes for and includes “Metaverse” multiple times in the presentation.

To conclude the Meta/Metaverse, Zuckerberg wants to develop a virtual world that can be accessed through AR and VR hardware devices. The users of Metaverse can enjoy the several events of the virtual world through specially developed devices.

Recently an image of Facebook’s smartwatch (Meta Watch) has surfaced online thanks to Bloomberg. According to Bloomberg, the watch was found in the company’s app. Earlier, Facebook has partnered with Ray-ban and has developed Ray-ban Stories, which are smart glasses capable of capturing images and videos and sharing them on Facebook.

Talking about the Meta watch image, it resembles a form factor similar to the prominent Apple Watch. The watch also features a small notch featuring a camera inside.

As per Bloomberg, they have also found a code-named “Milan,” but as per the code, the watch doesn’t feature a front-facing camera unit. Bloomberg has also added that the watch might not be real and is just a sample work of Facebook.

Bloomberg received a snapshot of Meta’s prototype smartwatch. Bloomberg

There are rumors that the watch might come out in different sizes with all the latest features that an Apple Watch would feature, such as fitness modes, BPM, SpO2 sensor, and many more. In addition, few claims are stating that the watch might also come with LTE support.

We can see a button on the device, and if this version of the watch is released to the market, we can expect it to shoot photos and videos and might also be capable of sending the files directly to the Facebook View. (Facebook View is an app specially designed for the Ray-ban Stories)

Considering today’s smartwatch market, the Facebook watch/Meta Watch might find tough competition. To survive in the rivalry, the device must be made unique.

As there is already a watch with the name “MetaWatch,” the company must be careful while naming as it might lead to multiple lawsuits regarding the branding. In addition, there is no official response from Facebook officials regarding this smartwatch, and there is significantly less possibility about the smartwatch hitting the markets.

Against all odds, if the smartwatch is brought into production, we might expect it to hit the markets in 2022.

Featured image by KNFind from Pixabay

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