Moto’s new affordable flagship G200 5G is out, how good are the specifications

Moto is one of the most prominent smartphone makers in the world, with many users. The tech giant has been struggling to get back into the markets after the fall has occurred. Moto has released several flagship devices and an innovative foldable phone to cope with the demand, creating users’ attention. Though Moto’s devices are packed with features and specifications, they had issues with competitors and were constantly pushed out of the race. Today Moto is again with its new affordable flagship, the Moto G200 5G, to enter the smartphone race and face the competitor’s heat.

Usually, Moto premium flagship devices come under Edge Series, but the new flagship G200 5G comes under the ‘G’ series. Considering the specs and comparing the G200 5G with the Edge series, the upcoming new devices under the ‘G’ series might be the affordable flagships.

Power-Packed Performance:

Image Credit – Moto

The new Moto G200 5G comes with the latest flagship processor from the Snapdragon, the Snapdragon 888+ 5G. The Snapdragon 888+ 5G has been featured in several flagship smartphones, but it is still the leading smartphone flagship processor.   

Should have been an AMOLED panel

Moto G200 5G features a large 6.8” Full HD+ LCD with a refresh rate of 144Hz and HDR10 support. Though the display specifications feel excellent at first glance, a significant drawback comes into notice as it is an LCD panel. Most smartphone manufacturers release most of their devices with premium AMOLED panels, and the LCD panels are limited to a few low-end devices.

Considering the Snapdragon 888+ 5G SoC in Moto G200 5G, one would expect an AMOLED panel, as every flagship smartphone comes with an AMOLED panel with high refresh rates.  

Expect the best performance from only the primary Rear Camera      

The Moto G200 5G features a triple rear camera unit with the 108MP ultra-high-resolution primary camera unit together with Ultra Pixel technology. The company claims that the camera can produce incredibly sharp and bright images even in different light conditions.

Image Credit – Moto

The rest of the camera units are 8MP Ultra-wide and 2MP Macro Vision which are not the best considering flagship devices having better camera units with bigger sensors. There are several modes for the users to use, and a few important ones are Portrait mode, Low light, Live Filter, Spot Color, and Panorama mode.

Excellent Audio Technology:

Most of the Moto devices feature Dolby Atmos technology, and the audio output is very immersive. In addition, the audio output includes enhanced depth and clarity. The Moto G200 5G also features Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound along with Dolby Atmos, and as a result, the audio output produces high-resolution music, which is clear and robust.


As of now, these are the official specifications that are available on the official site of Moto. Considering these specifications, it feels like Moto has comprised multiple specifications and features to make the device an affordable flagship.

Image Credit – Moto

The Moto G200 5G feels like a performance-focused device designed to provide maximum performance out of the Snapdragon 888+. The rest of the device’s specifications aren’t the best and might not fit in well with everyone’s likes. In simple words, the Moto G200 5G is just an affordable flagship and doesn’t fit in the premium flagship segment.

Featured Image Credit – Moto

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